Moving The House Closer to the Road

The day has finally arrived…it’s time for the “old girl” to have a change in position. The hard working guys from Copeland House Removals spent the day preparing her for the big move. 

After the removal of the sad looking stumps the trailer was backed under the house, then with the help of the old truck it was moved…very slowly mind you! It was a tedious process due to the slope and very soft ground from the few days of heavy rain leading up to the move. 

By 6 o’clock in the arvo the house was in her new position. Very exciting to see. 

queenslander cottage on the move
copeland house removals









Cleaning up, ready for move

Early morning cleaning up and organising  before heading off to work. Just denailing and stacking anything that can be recycled. All valuable hardwood that on any normal job would make its way to the skip. Earmarked for the front gatehouse at a later date. Not sure yet what to do with the continuous 8.5m solid pine beam!

 You can see why she needs restumping, rotten throughout the middle. This is from the posts being placed directly into the ground, possibly treated with some form of Oily poison. The new ones will be h treated and concreted with free draining no fine mix avoiding the moisture and therefore rot.



  The first of the frangipani flowers arrived this morning…so glad we have been able to keep them considering all the work that is to happen on site. Excited to see what colour flower will be on the other frangipani tree! The trees are looking more alive now with the leaves and flowers now shooting out.

Rear roof, rafters, beams and posts removed to allow for the extensions.

Can you see it on the hill? This photo taken looking up the main street of Dayboro.

Trip to finlayson’s in Brisbane, they have all the gear I’ll be needing well and truly covered. So that means plenty of “tempting items” not really needed on this build, but liking that character items can be found now. This certainly ensures quality now available to help achieve the look.