Asbestos Dealt With by the Professionals

Asbestos guy came today to give us a price to remove the sheets that have hung for many years. They were used to close in under the house.

   These are obvious asbestos sheets…take a close look at the dimples.

The thing a lot of people get caught out on is they go to all the effort of getting the obvious asbestos removed and are unaware of hidden asbestos.  They are exposing themselves to asbestos in things like vinyl and the glues and backings on these products which contained asbestos till the early eighties.

Sample taken to the test lab…90% certain that we will find this vinyl is the bad stuff.

Sure enough

Nice use of newspaper to keep the floor that bit warmer!

Cant wait to see what is beneath this worn floor!


Existing House Gets Measured Up

Les our draftsman/designer completed his site inspection in an hour or so. Seeing all the measurements and details from site go into a set of drawings and 3d images is always amazing.

When thinking about a new design the most important thing for us is to maintain the true character of the home.

We also need to make sure that we can afford to do everything 100% – and not produce a half finished job.

We hope to include fences, a nice little Gatehouse, pathways landscaping and curtains.

Just don’t want to be left short and not be able to give house true finish that it deserves.

Also we want to keep options open for the ability for the house to be built in underneath at some date in the future. Building-in underneath would allow to have a guest area or much more space for a growing family.

When looking at the variation of heights we also want to ensure the correct positioning of the building on the block. We need to allow potentially, to split the block further down the track.

This involves calculating the width of the house etc with ground area so that by pushing the house as far forward as possible and over to the side would allow for a Battle-axe style block, provided council town planning would allow boundary realignments

To keep the street appeal was also a design requirement. At this stage the house is so far back on the block that great care in mathematical calculations of heights will need to be done to bring the house from the middle of the block to the front.

Les our draftsman/designer completed a sit down concept meeting  this morning to talk about all of the above. Went really well, hope to see concept plans some time soon.

Also today hoping to arrange a time that suits the asbestos guy, for a quote to remove any asbestos from site including the asbestos backed vinal floor coverings.

Got the keys yesterday with a bottle of champers, which we plan on having when the renovations are complete.

The story so far…




What I am trying to do here is capture the  journey throughout the renovation of our tired character home.

Exciting feeling being given the ability and opportunity to breath life back into her.

What  would have been the home to many people over its life has kind of appealed to us. Believe it or not, twelve months prior to now we signed a contract on a block of land directly across the road. Due to a number of reasons, it just wasn’t meant to be. We remember looking at the old house from the block of land and thought if only it she was a bit more affordable. A lot more affordable!

Three contracts falling through on our place at Murrumba Downs wasn’t easy. Open homes every weekend plus a new job, two young girls and the progress of growth to the suburb. We wanted to be away from the hustle and bustle.

Finally a contract that goes unconditional YEEE HAR!!

But wait, we don’t have a house or anywhere to go. Constantly looking for homes, I knew every single house that was for sale within twenty kilometers of the girls school.

We starting looking further out and at blocks of land once again.  We came across a small, affordable 500sqm block however when wifey phoned the agent it was no longer available. The agent from Me realestate was kind enough to mention that the little OLD house next door was for sale. What price ??? Now affordable, let’s have a look.

On the first inspection, I was immediately sold. So much work but I was in love! It was far from what wifey had in mind but she realised its potential and decided it was definitely the one for us.

At this stage we get the keys on Monday…exciting, but a long road ahead!!